Chocolate and Nut Torte

So much has been happening behind the scenes with The Little Pastry Box that I have only just been able to spare some time to edit some photos taken recently. Due to an increasing number of enquiries, I have decided to take my passion for baking and create my own dessert catering business here in Adelaide! I'm so excited about the next chapter in this journey and getting the opportunity to share my desserts with more people. I also hope to create a portfolio attached to this website with my updates and creations. In the meantime, please feel free to follow @thelittlepastrybox on Instagram! 

I have always loved Jamie Oliver's recipes. I love what he stands for, I love his down-to-earth nature, and I love the honest cooking he presents - how what you see is what you get. How he presents dishes in a way that doesn't have to be fancy, just taste good! My parents bought me my first Jamie Oliver cookbook, The Return of the Naked Chef, for my 15th birthdayand since then my Jamie Oliver cookbook collection has grown! It was only 2 weeks ago, that I looked through my first book I received 12 years ago and realised how much I want to go back and start cooking from it again! It was in this book, I discovered his recipe for Two-nuts Chocolate Torte (typical Jamie humour - right?!!). Naturally I renamed it for the purpose of this blog (Jamie's two-nuts chocolate torte just didn't sound quite right for me!!), however the recipe is entirely the same. 

This recipe is gluten-free, and is deliciously rich and moist. It is perfect for a dessert with friends, served with cream or ice-cream. I must admit I also crumbled some over a bowl of vanilla ice-cream and chopped some strawberries over the top - delicious! The cake also keeps fresh and moist for a few days, making the enjoyment last longer!

Jamie's Chocolate and Nut Torte

Serves 12

150g blanched almonds

150g shelled walnuts

300g good-quality cooking chocolate (at least 70% cocoa solids)

1 heaped teaspoon good-quality cocoa powder (I used dutch-processed)

255g butter

100g caster sugar

6 large free range eggs, separated

pinch of salt


1. Preheat oven to 190˚C. Butter and flour a 20-25cm round springform tin. Line the base with baking paper.

2. Place nuts in a food processor and whizz until finely ground. Add the chocolate and cocoa and continue to whizz together for about 30 seconds, until the chocolate is ground and combined. Put nut mixture to one side.

3. In a large bowl, using electric beaters (or using a stand mixer), beat together butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Gradually add the egg yolks one at a time, beating to combine after each addition. Gradually add the nut mixture, and mix until well combined.

4. In a separate bowl, beat egg whites with a pinch of salt until they form stiff peaks. Gently Fold egg whites into the chocolate, nut and butter mixture.

5. Pour mixture into the prepared tin and bake in preheated oven for about an hour. The torte is cooked when a skewer is inserted for 5 seconds and once removed it should be reasonably clean. Allow to sit in tin for about 5 minutes, until turning it out on a wire rack to cool.


Dust torte with icing sugar and serve with dollop cream or vanilla ice-cream.